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Military Benefits

Military members may establish Virginia domicile by living in Virginia for one year and simultaneously demonstrating intent to be a domicile. Evidence of domicile intent includes, but is not limited to, a Virginia driver’s license, voter and motor vehicle registration and the payment of Virginia resident income taxes on all income earned. (Property ownership and the payment of Virginia property taxes does not automatically entitle a military member to in-state privileges. It may, however, be a factor which demonstrates domicile intent.)

Active duty military members who have established Virginia domicile do not lose their status when posted outside of Virginia or the United States. The posted military member is expected to continue paying Virginia resident income tax for the duration of the assignment. The posted military member is also expected to maintain a Virginia voter registration, if registered to vote in Virginia prior to the posting. A current Leave and Earnings Statement will be requested.

A military member living in Virginia and assigned to a permanent duty station in Virginia or one of the contiguous states to Virginia, and Washington, D.C. is entitled to in-state privileges. The military member so assigned is not required to have lived in Virginia for one year or to have demonstrated domicile intent. A copy of the Active Duty Orders will be requested.

Veterans, retired and honorably discharged military members living in Virginia are entitled to in-state privileges are not required to meet the one year residence requirement or to have demonstrated domicile intent. Proof of retirement or honorable discharge will be requested.

Military members who expect a permanent assignment to Virginia or one of the contiguous states and Washington, D.C. should not submit an Application for Virginia In-State Educational Privileges until actually living in Virginia pursuant to the permanent assignment.

Military members with questions regarding the applicability of other state and federal military benefits are encouraged to visit the University Registrar's website.

The Veterans' Educational Benefits Request Form must be completed and submitted before each term that a student wishes to use military benefits. Please use the Veterans' Educational Benefits Request Form.  Please note that this form is not a request for in-state educational privileges.