Active Duty, Retired and Discharged Military Members

Active Duty, Retired and Discharged Military Members

In-State Privileges for Active-Duty Military, Retired Military Members and Veterans

The University of Virginia is proud to serve all military-affiliated applicants and students, including active duty, veterans, reservists, National Guard members and their dependents. The Office of Virginia Status makes determinations of entitlement based upon state law, Code of Virginia, Section 23.1-500 ,504-505.
If you seek in-state tuition under federal law, Post 9/11 GI Bill, please email. The Military Educational Benefits team facilitates the certification of federal educational benefits. For additional information about federal benefits, please go to: https//  or
Please note that the Office of Virginia Status does not determine entitlement under federal law, Post 9/11 GI Bill.

If you, your parent, spouse, or legal guardian is an active-duty military member, retired military member or veteran, you may be entitled to in-state educational privileges under the Code of Virginia, Section 23.1-500. There are two paths to in-state privileges for this group of applicants. The applicant, parent, spouse, or legal guardian may either establish Virginia domicile pursuant to the Code’s requirements. These are: twelve months of physical residence in Virginia with the simultaneous demonstration of domicile intent. Domicile intent is demonstrated by the acquisition of a Virginia voter’s registration, driver’s license, motor vehicle registration and the payment of Virginia income taxes, amongst other acts. An individual domiciled in Virginia intends to remain indefinitely.

Important to note is that Virginia waives the one-year physical residence requirement for active duty and retired members and veterans. This means that upon moving to Virginia with active- duty orders to Virginia or one of the contiguous states or District of Columbia, the applicant is entitled to in-state privileges without establishing domicile in Virginia.

Applicants seeking entitlement as military-affiliated must submit either an Application for Virginia In-State Educational Privileges or Virginia Student Status Form and active-duty orders or proof of separation from service or honorable discharge.

Military-affiliated applicants who previously filed Virginia resident income tax for a ten-year period may be entitled to in-state tuition privileges despite having abandoned a previously established Virginia domicile.