Application for Virginia In-State Educational Privileges

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Committee on Virginia Student Status: [email protected]
Phone: 434-982-3391 • FAX: 434-982-2663
Office of Admission • P.O. Box 400160 • Charlottesville, VA 22904


  • All Social Security numbers should be deleted from any documents submitted.
  • The Code of Virginia, Section 23.1-510 governs the determination of entitlement for in-state privileges. For information on the requirements of domicile and University of Virginia application, determination and appeal process. For information on the domicile requirements and the University of of Virginia's application please visit the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.
  • Submit this form if you believe you are entitled to in-state privileges based upon your domicile, the domicile of your parent, legal guardian or individual acting in loco parentis, or spouse. If you claim entitlement based upon the domicile of your parent, legal guardian, person acting in loco parentis or spouse, answer “yes” to that question and provide their domicile information (not your own) on the form.
  • Submit this form if you believe you are entitled to in-state based upon your graduation or years of attendance at a Virginia High School.
  • Submit this form and copies of supporting documents by the first day of the term for which you claim entitlement. Late applications will not be reviewed. If your application is incomplete, you will be contacted.
  • The Office of Virginia Status will communicate with a student or applicant’s parent only if the applicant is claiming entitlement based upon the domicile of a parent.
  • Current students are responsible for checking their status with this office or on their Student Information Account or Student Financial Account. Applicants are responsible for checking their application portal to see their status. Due to the volume of applications, the Office of Virginia Status cannot email status determinations.
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